How to Import Bulk Products in OpenCart

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So you have setup your eCommerce store using OpenCart and want to import bulk products. In this tutorial you will learn how to import products, categories and other data on to your OpenCart store using the Export/Import Tool extension.

Step 1: Download & Install Export/Import Tool

Export/Import Tool Extension is a Free extension. Simply download the extension and install it from your OpenCart admin panel. Please note you need to have FTP enabled in settings. After installing the plugin it won’t be visible straight away, you need to allow admin to access the plugin. Simply go to System > Users > User Groups and give access and modify permissions to admin. Now go to Tools > Export/Import Tool and you have the extension installed.

Step 2: Export Sample Data

Now the next step is to export a sample format. Create a single product and export the data. You will now have an excel spreadsheet with the exact format that you will use in the next step to import products in bulk.

Step 3: Import Bulk Products

Now you have a spreadsheet with the exact format that you will use to arrange the data. Simply copy your products to the sample spreadsheet and import it. If you have done the import before and want to update existing records you can use incremental import option.

If you have formatted your data correctly and performed the above tasks, the upload should work like a charm.


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