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iPage has been in business for more than 20 years and hosts over 1 Million websites. They offer flexible web hosting packages making it easier for customers to scale and grow their online presence. If you’re looking for your first web hosting package, you’ll most certainly buy a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is a cost-effective way to hosting your websites. By storing the websites and content of multiple sites on a shared server, shared hosting providers can cut costs for customers while still providing quality service.

Visit iPage (£1.50/month)

For the majority of customers with small and medium sized websites, iPage’s £1.50/month essentials package more than does the job.

Available on a 12, 24 or 36 month term, iPage essentials packs in plenty of resources, tools and applications to help you launch your own online empire and grow it to new heights.

In this in-depth iPage web hosting review, I have gone into detail to explain exactly why we’ve voted this number one.

Core Features

In most cases throughout this review, we’ll refer to the Essential plan’s bandwidth and resource allocations as unlimited, though if you look on the site itself, iPage actually refer to them as scaleable.

So, what’s the difference? To be fair, there isn’t much of one.

According to the iPage Usage policy, there are no set limits on storage space or bandwidth, though you are expected to stick within what is considered ‘typical’ for a small business website.

In most cases, the site claims that you’ll only really run into issues if you use your plan for storage or file sharing, since that’s not what they’re there to do for you.

In our personal experience though, we’ve found that however much iPage considers typical is usually to keep even fairly decent sized sites up and running without any issues.

Design and Build

There’s a lot to talk about here, but let’s stick with the major features that the majority of readers want to hear about.

iPage Control Panel

If you’re building your site offline and loading it up later, you’ve got the standard two options to choose from: Online file manager and FTP, with the ability to create as many FTP accounts as you need.

For those of you building your site on the go, again you’re well served by plenty of options. The iPage Essentials plan incorporates the popular Weebly website builder, so even if you’re not the most technically-savvy person in the world, you can still pull a professional looking site together simply using the highly intuitive drag and drop interface.

Prefer something a little more advanced? Though we couldn’t fit it into the picture to the right, we should point out that iPage’s one-click installation app does support all the major apps and CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.


If you’re planning to launch your own online store, then again, iPage is only really your best option if you’re planning to start small, as we do know of other premium-level plans which provide greater power, flexibility and back-end support.

That said, there’s still enough here to get you started, with support for Shopsite Shopping Cart and free PayPal integration.

A shared SSL certificate is also bundled into the price, though curiously, if you want a dedicated IP address, you’re going to have to upgrade.

Unlimited Disk Space & Email Addresses

iPage offers unlimited disk space for your website(s) and also allow you create unlimited email addresses for use on your various hosted sites, unlimited disk space allows you save as enough data as possible, it also enables the smooth running of your site.

Free Domain Registration

On subscription to iPage’s shared hosting plan, you get a free domain registration, for e.g www.yoursite.com

Reliability & Security

iPage uses DELL Servers with an overall up-time of 99.52% based on the data collected from our test websites hosted on iPage Shared Web Hosting account since 2012. We have performed several tests (Using PingDom) to check the reliability of iPage servers and got good results.

iPage offers an Enhanced Security Suite (£100 in Value) with any web hosting plan that keeps your website secure from any online hacking attempts.

Free Marketing Credits

iPage gives search engines and marketing credits to users who use their web hosting shared service to host their sites.

Powered by 100% Wind Energy

This guarantees a high percentage up-time for your websites; this assures that your website will be up for 24 hours in a day.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

iPage offers 30 days money back guarantee for clients, so if you don’t find the services good enough or you are just not okay with what you got after payment, you can always get your money back as long as it is still within the 30 days limit.

Free Security Suite

iPage offers security for their shared hosting package, you get security tools to tackle spamming, guide against fishing and hacking

Website Building Tools

Like many other web hosting companies, you will get site-building tools like WordPress, Weebly, Joomla and some others to use in building your site.

Free Online Store

There is an online store on iPage where you can purchase some other tools, templates and themes that would help you in the day-to-day running of your sites

Additional Features

Off course, we probably wouldn’t rate iPage Essentials so highly if that’s all there was to it. Sure, scalable hosting and bandwidth and some eCommerce support is a good start, but there’s a lot more to your package than first meets the eye, including free advertising credits , marketing guides and similar goodies to help you promote your site.

The Toll-Free customer service number is for US customers only, though what iPage don’t tell you right away is that this is only included if you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Beyond that, domain-based email that you can manage either online, on your phone or on your desktop email client are all present and correct, as are unlimited email aliases, domain names and MySQL databases.

Visit iPage (£1.50/month)

My Review


As we’ve said elsewhere in our in-depth guide to iPage, this really is a top choice for those looking to start a small website or who need only basic hosting requirements. The low cost adds to Essentials’ appeal as an entry-level package, though once you’ve signed up, you’ll find you’re as well catered for as you would be with any of the other top ten hosting providers.
Going from the initial registration page to actually launching a website was as easy as you could hope for, and though iPage don’t use the familiar cPanel to help us navigate around, their own version is just as functional and intuitive. We tried several different options, from uploading a basic couple of pages through FTP to building a WordPress website, and found we very rarely ran into any problems along the way.

If we did, then the iPage support team were always on hand to help, and from personal experience, we found them to be among the best of the bunch. 24/7 is available by phone, live chat and email. We used both live chat and phone and got a prompt, efficient response every time.


Does that make iPage the perfect host? Not quite. It does have a few draw backs. Though the iPage Essentials plan does seem like it does everything you could possibly hope for, if your site grows and you need to expand to a bigger, more powerful shared hosting plan, you may well be out of luck.
The other big thing that bugged us about iPage was the amount of up-selling they tend to do. It’s not that we blame them of course. Since they’re offering their shared plans so cheaply, it makes sense that they’d try to tack on as many little extras as possible, though we found the majority of them to unnecessary, especially when you’d expect things like site security to be included in the price. After all, who wants to host with a website that can’t promise security?

Over to you

That’s just our opinion though. May be you have experience of using iPage yourself in the past. If so, why not tell us about it in the user reviews below?

iPage shared hosting costs £8.95/mo but they have a promo on for now, so you can get their shared hosting package for as low as £1.50/mo depending on when you access the site to purchase the offer.

Visit iPage (£1.50/month)

Rating: 5
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Chris McGuire · February 6, 2019 at 10:08 pm

Just browsing your site while looking for a new host for some other websites and I thought I’d add my two cents to say that most of what you’ve said in this review tallies with my own experience of using iPage in the past. I wasn’t too keen that the company kept trying to sell my additional products that I didn’t really need, but I can understand it given the low cost. After that though I never had any problems with iPage and after giving it some thought I think I’m going to go with these guys again for my new projects, thanks for confirming what I suspected already!

Rating: 5

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