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eUKhost have been providing web hosting services for over twelve years and now supports the website needs of over 35,000 customers, involving over 150,000 domains. eUKhost includes among its customers numerous public sector organisations across the UK. The company owns over 1,200 servers in two data centres, and supports cPanel shared hosting, Reseller and VPS hosting.

eUKhost features

This eUKhost review will take an in-depth look at each:


eUKhost recommends shared hosting for small, medium sites and for blogs and forums. eUKhost suggests that business operating customers consider its cloud-based web hosting plans, which have the ability to handle sudden bursts in traffic and to distribute data processing, permitting the highest level of reliability.

eUKhost require no minimum term contract, and state that its philosophy is to retain customers through the quality of its services. You can therefore cancel your hosting plan at any time. For eUKhost’s featured cPanel plans, the company extends a monthly guarantee of 99.95% uptime. If the company fails to meet this standard in any month, you will obtain a refund as set forth in the company’s terms and conditions. Technical support is also provided free of charge.

Reseller hosting

eUKhost’s Reseller hosting supports multiple websites that each operate under an independent hosting account. The reseller plan is thus ideal for web developers, professionals who operate multiple sites and small hosting providers. eUKhost will fully manage the servers, leaving you free to do what you are good at – running your sites.

VPS hosting

eUKhost also offers virtual private servers, or VPS, which involves the sharing of server space among multiple users. At the same time, VPS provides the same independence and convenience provided by a dedicated server. This option offers high-level performance and control and costs only a fraction of the price of dedicated server plans.

eUKhost touts its “eNight Cloud Hypervisor-based vLite,” which ensures that a customer’s VPS is not impacted by the operations of other customers. By physically separating each customer’s RAM and disk storage, customers enjoy an additional layer of security. In the event a neighbouring site is hacked or attacked by a virus, your VPS will not be affected in any manner.

In addition, by avoiding any need to share the CPU and RAM of a hosting node with other VPS, the eNight Cloud Hypervisor provides the hosting platform with increased stability and reliability, and avoids overload. This will give you the assurance that your server will be running continuously and is receiving the resources that were allocated to it, keeping you continuously online.

eUKhost’s vLite VPS plan offers optimised software that enables the hosting of unlimited domains and the installation of custom applications. As a hardware virtualisation platform, vLite’s processors are designed to manage a customer’s virtual servers efficiently.

Basic vs Premium

cPanel: eUKhost’s basic plan includes 2GB of disk space, and 10 MySQL databases. The company’s intermediate plan offers 10GB of disk space and 30 MySQL databases and its advanced plan offers 20GB of disk space and an unlimited number of databases. All three plans offer unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Linux VPS: eUKhost’s vLite 1 plan offers 2GB of RAM and 60 GB of SAS storage. The vLite 2 plan offers 4GB of Ram, and 80 GN of SAS storage. The premium vLite 3 plan providers 6 GB of RAM and 120 GB of SAS storage. All of these plans offer unlimited bandwidth and also support CentOS or Ubuntu.

Access and Control

cPanel hosting, and eUK’s other control panels, provide customers with smooth and seamless access and control of their sites, with cPanel in particular has received recognition for its user friendly capabilities.

Support Services

eUKhost offer support services by phone and web chat on a 24/7 365 days basis. Prospective customers will therefore have access to technical support whenever it is needed.


eUKhost recognises that many of its potential customers are well-established site operators who are looking for better service, but who will need to migrate their site or sites to eUKhost if they wish to make the switch. In order to attract these customers, eUKhost has developed migration services that allow websites to make that change without service interruption. Because migration involves specialised services generally beyond the abilities of most website operators perform, eUK provides these services for you, and at no charge.

That’s Who They Are

eUKhost offers a wide range of services, and can therefore be a good choice for a multitude of customers, from smaller-scale operators of blogs, non-profits, and small businesses, up to the major corporations and institutions who have tremendous processing needs. For proof we need look no further than eUKhost’s support of UK government and government-sponsored organisations, which have recognised the reliability and value that eUKhost offers. However, you don’t have to be the government to enjoy that same level of service.паельяfree girls web cam

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