Windows Vs. Linux Web Hosting Comparison

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There are basically two types of web hosting systems. There are a few other systems available, but they are not very user friendly. The two that you should choose from are Linux and Windows. So, is Linux hosting better that Windows or is it the other way around? The system that you choose will depend on the type of scripting language that you need.

Linux Hosting

Linux web hosting is still topping the charts, but it’s popularity has decreased ever since Windows hit the market. Linux hosting covers loads of different flavors of Unix and Linux variants. Linux benefits that Windows does not include:

The Cost

Linux is free for web hosts, which just happens to be a little cheaper than Windows. They have the ability to pass the savings on to you.

Diverse Language Support

Whether you are needing Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python or Perl, Linux web hosting platforms does support them all.

Linux Disadvantages

.NET and ASP support. There is software such as Apache and Chilisoft ASP, but it is less likely to find many Linux web hosting platforms that do actually support ASP and .NET.

Windows Hosting

Most people seem to think that they have to get Windows hosting because their desktop runs on Windows, which is not true at all. A Windows server is very different to Windows that is on a desktop. Most of the interaction with a web server will be via FTP or a web interface. The fact that Windows can run classic .NET or ASP is one of the major advantages that Windows has over Linux. These are very powerful languages and they are increasing in popularity all the time.

The Availability

It can sometimes be difficult to find a Windows web hosting system because of the fact that it is less popular than Linux, especially if you are looking for specific features. You can however use the web hosting wizard to make the whole process easier.

The Cost

It is a fact that Windows web hosting does cost more than Linux. And sometimes it can cost a lot more.

Windows Vs. Linux Web Hosting Comparison

When you compare Linux and Windows hosting, there will always be rumors that one is better. There are actually a lot of things that are basically the same no matter which system you choose.


The Performance

When an administrator compares the speed and the efficiency on both platforms, they will be able to see that there is not much difference.


Windows web hosting systems were not known for their stability in the past, but there is almost no difference these days.Static Pages
Linux and Windows platforms both have the ability to host HTML files the same way.

User Friendliness

Most of the interaction that takes place will be through FTP or through a server’s control panel. Even if Windows does have a good GUI interface, you will most likely not use it.


Both of these web hosting systems are secure.

Which web hosting platform should you use?

Which one should you use? Well, that is entirely up to you! Use Windows web hosting if you need to use .NET or ASP. If you do need ASP or .NET, then Linux will suit you buyгугле адвордс

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