Best Places to Find Free Stock Photos For Your Website

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If you’v ever tried to find free stock photos for your website, you’ll no doubt understand all too well the kind of disappointment that can follow a long session scouring the web.

By the time you’ve eliminated all those cheesy stock photos that you have to pay a fortune for, and by the time you’ve admitted that -no matter how tempting it might be- you simply can’t steal a copyrighted picture from another website, you’re left with very little to choose from.

At least, it used to be that way. These days, there’s a number of places offering high quality images that you can use on your website completely free, and all without breaking any copyright laws.

If you’re currently struggling to find fresh photographs and graphics for your website, here’s a few top places to start your search.

Death to the Stock Photo

The web is a much prettier place since the guys from Death to the Stock Photo came along with their free monthly packages of gorgeous, high quality photography. Images are usually curated by theme from a team of exceptionally talented photographers, and delivered direct to your inbox in a handy .zip file.

So far, we’ve used their images on blogs, landing pages and countless other forms of online content, and regularly look forward to the team’s monthly email.

Visit Death to the Stock Photo

Pic Jumbo

Pic Jumbo began as a personal project of photographer Viktor Hanacek. Fed up of having his photographs turned down by the big name stock photo libraries, an undeterred Viktor set up his own site, giving the majority of his photos away for free.

As it turns out, the stock photo libraries’ loss is certainly our gain, with a frequently updated archive of unique, creative photographs for us to use. In fact, the image at the top of this blog post of the girl with the camera came direct from Viktor, who continues to operate Pic Jumbo single handily.

Whilst it isn’t always possible to find exactly the image you’re looking for here, it’s always certainly worth a look for stunning pictures that really offer something different from the usual stock photo fodder.

Visit Pic Jumbo


StockSnap only came to our attention fairly recently, and with a new selection of gorgeous, high quality images uploaded each and every week, it seems we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

The most recent images are featured directly on the homepage if you simply want to browse around and see what’s out there. Though if you’re looking for a specific image, there’s a handy search feature located throughout the site.

We’re so impressed with this one that we’re already thinking up ways we can use images like the one above in our own content.


New Old Stock

Last but not least on our list of recommended places to download free photographs is this unique site which serves up vintage, old-school photos direct from the public domain. With no known copyright laws surrounding them, these pictures make a great addition to any retro-themed blog or website, or simply to add something a little different than the usual ‘happy people smiling’ stock photo fluff.

Visit New Old Stock

Don’t forget your web host’s photo library!

On a final note, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that many leading web hosting companies include a stock photography library with their in-built website builder tools. The likes of GoDaddy, 1&1’s MyWebsite and the in-house platform from FatCow include thousands of images that you’re free to use on your site, and those are just the ones we can think of off the top of our heads.

If you’ve already signed up to a hosting company, it may well be worth your time investigating whether or not they’ve got free images you can use before you check out any of the recommended sites above.

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