Thank you for visiting Top 7 Hosting. I have been a webmaster for over 10 years with extensive experience in Web Hosting, Servers, Web Design and anything to do with the web. When I created my first website I had no clue how critical web hosting is for any website. I signed up for a shared web hosting account like most of us do to start off with.

After using various web hosting providers I compared the performance of a few reliable companies. I discovered that most of the expensive hosts did not perform better than the inexpensive ones. So the price factor was out of my list. As my online empire and web traffic grew, I needed more than just a web hosting plan. I needed a partner that could give me the ability to scale my projects and a partner that I can rely on.

Majority of the web hosts offered the same features. Shared web hosting is fine if you are starting off however dedicated servers give you more control gives you more server power as compared to shared web hosting.

After using several different web hosting providers and tested the performance (Using PingDom) I decided to create a web hosting comparison site and help others in making better buying decisions.

If you are a webmaster and have used any of the companies listed on our website you can submit a review and help others.

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Sam Wilson